Context and service scope

Are your teams sufficiently aware of the cyber security issue and the related threats? Do they know how they can contribute to improving the overall cyber resilience of your operations? ENGIE Laborelec offers training sessions and programs for a range of industrial teams as well as executives and board members.


The ENGIE Laborelec cyber security training portfolio includes:

Cyber security awareness

A 1-day seminar for managers, engineers, suppliers, integrators, and other staff. It provides a critical understanding of industrial cyber security, the related threats and vulnerabilities, the defence-in-depth cyber security plan approach, types of attacks and how they can be prevented, and cyber security policy requirements.

Advanced cyber security training

A 4-day training program (5-8 participants) for ICS operations and maintenance staff, IT and engineering teams, and relevant managers. The program covers the information, skills, and practices needed to evaluate and implement cyber security measures in a new or existing industrial control system. Aspects discussed include the latest developments in industrial networking and cyber security, vulnerability testing, assessing compliance of a solution against a given cyber security standard, and implementing defence strategies.

Board and executive cyber security training

A 3-5-hour session (3-5 participants) for C-level managers, auditors, risk managers, and security leaders. The session offers insight into the processes of identifying, understanding, assessing and mitigating cyber security risks, and helps executive members launch programs to integrate cyber security within their organization’s strategy, policies and guidelines.

On demand, we also offer customized training, targeted to the specific needs of your teams and business.

Meet the ICS hacking demo kit

ENGIE Laborelec has put together a hacking demo kit designed to illustrate for interested parties a range of realistic scenarios in industrial cyber security attacks. The kit is a stand-alone transportable system comprising seven commonly-used industrial devices that are configured and connected to convincingly mimic an industrial control system and demonstrate the effects of cyberattacks. A detailed instruction manual explains the cyber threats to which the system can be exposed and describes the available attack scenarios. Interested? Contact us to arrange a demonstration at your workplace.

Are you looking to secure your industrial control systems against cyber security threats, or do you need advice on industrial cyber security? Email us or use the contact form.